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 Ho Là Là de Blue Vertigo

Multiples CAC's  y RCAC Monográfica Yorkshire Terrier Targu Mures



(Ch. Parkside's Touchstone Magic & Coral Horfeo's)


Criador: De Blue Vertigo


Handler: Paloma Alonso


30/05/2002 al 13/10/2008​


L.O.E. Nº: ​1318944

Camada 2002
Camada 2002

Parkside's Touchstone Magic x Coral Horfeo's

Monográfica Targu Mures (Ro) 2004
Monográfica Targu Mures (Ro) 2004
Concurso Canino Teo 2005
Concurso Canino Teo 2005
Concurso Canino Teo 2005
Concurso Canino Teo 2005


Ch. Parkside's Touchstone Magic

Ho Là Là de Blue Vertigo

Coral Horfeo's

Ch. Parkside's The Magic Touch


Ch.​ Stratford's Magic

Ch. Mistangay's Angelo

Denaire Royal Lace

Ch. Macris My Royal Girl

Ch. Finstal Royal Icing

Ch. Macris Body Talk​

Ch. Parkside's Private Collection

Ch. Majestic Midnight Marauder

Ch. Rotbhy's Renee' Gade

Ch. Rothby's Majestic Pride N'Joy

Parkside's Paulette

Ch. Parkside's Safari

Ch. Parkside's Amazone Of Cantlon

Ch. Mad About Girls de Isthat

​Ch.Bi'Ennas Pretty Boy

Ch.Debonnaire's Up To Music

Ch. Bi'Ennas Pretty  One

Andrea de Amboto

Aitor de Amboto

Hodei de Amboto

Melody Horfeo's

Ch. Jubilant du Domaine de Monderlay

Amanda de Coramonte

Ch. Edizione Speciale della Antiche Mura

Even Gold du Domaine de Monderlay

Ch. Gregori de Coramonte

Judith du Val Verdoyant