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Magico Blu delle Stelle Lucenti

Campeón de Rumanía e Internacional



(Ch. Parkside's Touchstone Magic & Nausicaa di Rio Galeria)



Criador: Delle Stelle Lucenti


Handler: Enrique Llobel (Ferrania's)


L.O.E Nº 1307097


24/06/2001 al 16/10/2012


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Ch. Parkside's The Magic Touch

Ch. Parkside's Touchstone Magic

Parkside's Miss Chloé

Ch. Magico Blu delle Stelle Lucenti


Nausicaa di Rio Galeria

Serter Diana​

Ch.​ Stratford's Magic

Ch. Mistangay's Angelo

Denaire Royal Lace

Ch. Marcris

My Royal Girl

Ch. Finstal Royal Icing

Ch. Macris Body Talk

Ch. Majestic Midnight Marauder

Ch. Rotbhy's Renee' Gade

Ch. Rothby's Majestic Pride N'Joy

Parkside's Paulette

Ch. Parkside's Safari

Ch. Parkside's Amazone Of Cantlon

​Mendes Bond

Ch.Herikville Ragtime

Ch.Mendes Perfidia

Siubelle Fatima​

Ch. Geronimo From Pride Heros By Ab​

Ch. Marjanneke Of The Beavercreek

It Ch., World JCh.Splendor Mustafa'

Ch. Crown Royal Ace Malacon

Ch. Onion Della Zagara


Novelty Of Millmoor


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