Qoccle's My Way

Ch. Jr. Exclusive Emotion Dei Fiocchi Rossi

MultiCh. Durrer's Exclusive Priority

Ch. Shakespeare's Michael Simon

Durrer's Showcase

Ch. Tiptop High And Mighty

Shakespeare'sNibbles Be Busy

Ch. Durrer's Stock Portfolio

Show Off de la Pam'Pommeraie

Quantoseibellaroma Dei Fiocchi Rossi

Highfly Dei Fiocchi Rossi

Miranda di Monte Ingino

MultiCh. Oyakalelo du Gue de L'Adour


New Friend du Domaine de Monderlay

Diana di Monte Ingino

Qoccle's Make a Wish

World, Euro, Bis/RBiss, MultiCh. Qoccle's Oliver Ligthsome

Hunderwood Oliver's Twist

Hunderwood Lipstick

Qoccle's Valentine's Day

Every Little Thing

Qoccle's Alexandra

Ch. Hunderwood New York New York

Hunderwood Jolie Heroine

Ch. Durrer's High Flyer


Ch. Dane York Mr. Majodian

Ch. Qoccle Of Millmoor

Ch. Durrer's Caught Your Look'n



de Blue Vertigo

Ch. Armani de Blue Vertigo

MultiCh. Oyakalelo du Gue de L'Adour


Starstruck Italian Stallion

Ch. Tyava's Billy Bad To The Bone

Yorktowne A Bit Starstruck

Ch. Parkside's Private Collection

Ch. Parkside's Safari

Ch. Parkside's Ode To Joy

Coral Horfeo's

Ch. Mad About Girls de Isthar

MultiCh. Bi'Ennas Pretty Boy

Andrea de Amboto

Melody Horfeo's

MultiCh. Jubilant du Domaine de Monderlay

Amanda de Coramonte

Silver Poise Abril

Estugo's Orlando

Eburacum Fee LIXX

Wenwytes Winter Fare​

Eburacum With Best Wishes

Estugo's Ramona

Ch. Estugo's Pretender At Eburacum​​

Ch. Estugo's Sofia

Silver Poison Mamma Mía

MultiCh. Hunderwood Obsession


Starstruck Italian Stallion

Hunderwood Lipstick​

Ch. Ferrania's Iluminata

MultiCh. Bi'Ennas Pretty Boy

Ferrania's French Kiss​